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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho | 2016 Gypsy Minimalist
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho | 2016

A person with a Gypsy Soul enjoys wandering: physically, mentally and/or spiritually. They crave something that they cannot name. A Minimalist is a person who strives to live a more intentional life by cutting out any excess to leave room for their passions.

This is a powerful combination that allows one to chase and achieve their wildest dreams. 


The Purpose of this site is to show first-hand what you can do with your newfound freedom. What do you do once you free yourself of material possessions*? I’d like to inspire you to fill your materially empty life with meaning in a non-material way. The first step is understanding your goals. What do you want to fill your time dreaming about and then place into action?

If you spend enough time here, you’ll realize the world becomes a much bigger place when you have less.

*Also referred to as Minimalistic Enlightenment.


I’m Sydney Kate, the main content creator on The Gypsy Minimalist. I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University — Mankato in December of 2016. I love writing, drawing and photography, so my goal is to bring you original thoughts and images as often as possible. Minimalism has also been a big part of my life since I started college in 2012.

After I completely decluttered my belongings down to nothing I began to feel stuck. No longer inspired and unable to get rid of anything else, I was truly bored. I realized it was time to begin filling my time with things that inspired me and to start doing things that helped me fulfill my goals. That is how I was inspired to create this website in hopes of helping people get through that post-declutter emptiness.


Everything begins with inspiration. That inspiration flowers into a beautiful dream and pollinates every thought you have until it has spread to every corner of your life. For me, being radically inspired and knowing how I can achieve my dreams has allowed my world to bloom into a field of beautiful weeds…

…Weeds? Why not flowers?  

I think back to my childhood and the way I used to rely on one of the most widely known weeds to make my dreams come true: the dandelion, or Taraxacum. What joy you feel when you spy one in your backyard and in an instant you’ve plucked it from the earth brought it to your lips without much thought. You know exactly what you want and that you have to blow apart that perfect fluffy sphere to get it.

The dandelion has somehow been snuffed out by society, much like simplicity has been taken over by consumerism. Who is the real pest here?

It’s these types of questions that have lead me on my journey toward minimalism

We can learn a lot from dandelions and their meanings: healing, resilience, positivity, clarity, progress and survival. They also taught me that dreams start with a wish and begin with a push. Freedom is what inspired me. I wanted to lead a life that was mine and that I could take it and run whenever I wanted to.

Every day gets me a step closer to my dream of living independently and working in a camper van. Experiencing the total freedom I desire. I can attribute my success to becoming a minimalist, which allows me to focus solely on my goals.

With less clutter in the various aspects of your life, you can achieve so much more. 


I would love to hear your stories!

Feel free to leave them in a comment on this page or email them to me.


  1. Jeff Mazza
    January 3, 2017

    Hi. Saw you read my latest blog post. Minimalism is a journey, isn’t it. I have heard about the Mims game and other such methods but find I am enjoying making my own way. Looking forward to see what my life looks like when I have reached my goal of only having what I need and really want.

    1. gypsyminimalist
      January 3, 2017

      It is. It affects every aspect of life in such interesting and unexpected ways. Sydney (gypsyminimalist.com)


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