Trying to Be Something for the World

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It is a new year and my first post of 2018. A year has passed since I launched Gypsy Minimalist and reflecting now, I’m not one bit the same.

I recently watched Jim and Andy, which has been in my queue since it came out in November of 2017. Jim Carrey is a brilliant thinker as well as an outstanding comedian. In the film he talked about his work and embodying these characters he played to the point where he couldn’t remember who he was after being that character.

One of Jim’s quotes, not from this film, is that we are depressed because we are “trying to be something for the world. And as soon as you let that go better things happen.”

When we try to be something for other people, we aren’t doing ourselves the favor we think we are. And we aren’t impressing who we’re trying to because they are too busy doing the same thing. If we were able to let that go, the doors would open.

Our goals in life revolve around pursuing something we think someone else wants us to and that distracts us from what ultimately will be. We just live and life goes on without us whether we’re doing something in it or not. We do things because doing things makes us feel as if we have purpose and meaning in life. It’s something we made up because we’ve mentally outgrown our primal duties: exist and procreate.

I realized that we, people, aren’t meant to do… anything.

I feel like I can relate to what Jim is saying because I am a perfectionist, which has become a mental handicap over the years. If I don’t think I can do something right the first time, I won’t jump in and do it. Fear of failing and not doing things the correct way will stop me from doing just about anything. I care if someone sees me doing something “wrong.” It’s all about what people think of me and how that makes me feel about myself.

I’m trying to be perfect in all things. Everyday. At what cost?

Perfection is an illusion. I know I would be happier if I stopped trying to beat someone else in the same game and simply beat my own milestones. I would unlock doors that were meant for me instead of trying fit my key in other peoples opportunities.

Moral of the story?

Ignorance is bliss. But you can still find bliss.

As a minimalist, the main goal is to curate what we allow into our lives in order to live intentionally. Meaningfully. From the people we spend time with to the material things that we own to the jobs that we keep and so on. So, when you strip away the excess, you want to be left with what makes you happy.

So, think of this: How happy would you be if everything in your life was replaced by what someone else wanted? All of your relationships, material items, your job, the city you live in, the clothes you wear, the books you read, etc. These things aren’t what you would choose at all and they make you miserable.

So why try to be something for the world when you could just be you?

In 2018, I strive to be my best self. To challenge myself to be my personal best and not compare myself other people. But, cut myself some slack too.


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