3 Things I Learned About Relocating

Wilmington, NC relocating tips
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Two months ago I moved halfway across the United States to live in my dream location. Relocating has had its share of ups and downs that I want to share with you!

Prior to moving, I had only planned my route, downsized and hit the road. There are definitely things I wish I knew prior to relocating and I would like to share a few tips with you based on what I’ve learned!

These tips are for people planning on just picking up and moving (you will see why). It’s definitely possible if you can align all the elements.

  1. Which came first? The job or the house? | Jobs and housing were the biggest challenges we faced starting out. To rent an apartment requires an application including proof of income. To have a job you need to prove you live in the area or your application will not be reviewed. So, what do you do?
    • Having family/friends to house you really helps. If you’re relocating to a brand new place and don’t know anyone there, it may be more difficult. But not impossible.
    • Start looking for jobs as soon as you move and use the address you’re staying at.
    • Be aware of the timing. I say this because when looking for apartments you need to ask: When are leases up? Are there openings? Or consider the time of year and housing market if you’re planning to buy.
  2. Pets can make things complicated | It’s difficult to find housing that accepts pets. They also require proper care on a daily basis, much like children. My mother brought her two small dogs with us and decided to take them back home where someone could watch them. We found that it’s very difficult to focus on job hunting and exploring in general when not everywhere is furbaby friendly. Again, it can be done, it just takes time and your best effort.
  3. The less you bring, the better | I moved only by fitting what I could into my 2013 Honda Civic. We were able to fit myself, my mother, two chihuahua’s and our combined belongings. I downsized for about five years and couldn’t be happier. The move went so smoothly and it took only an hour to unpack when we moved into our new place. In face, our Landlord asked when we planned to fully move in being we had a key for a week… we said we already did! He was thrilled to learn we weren’t packing our place full of stuff.

Above all: It’s a leap of faith

You can’t predict or plan every move and detail, but you can embrace the unknown. That’s what life is all about. Change is hard, but it’s good.

I am so glad that I took this chance to make my way in a whole new place. It feels as though I belong. Achieving something you’ve been working toward for a long time is extremely rewarding in the long term.

Take the leap. You’ll be SO glad you did!

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  1. Terry
    August 16, 2017

    Very good tips on relocating. I will be moving to the pacific northwest soon from southern California. So much to think about as I have been in my house for 30 years. So much to downsize. Luckily family and friends live in the area I’ll be moving to but it will still be hard.

  2. jwarboutdoors
    August 18, 2017

    Nice post 👍😊


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