The 3 Benefits & Drawbacks of Traveling Solo

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I recently got back from a week long trip halfway across the country and learned a thing or two about traveling solo.


  1. Going your own pace: leave, stop, sleep when you want and be gone as long as you want. No one is influencing your every move. On any other trip you have to be considerate of others traveling with you, but not when you’re solo.
  2. Doing what you want: Blast whatever you want in the car if you’re road tripping. Listen to the music, podcast or nothing at all. Decide what you want to eat and where. Want to hang out with locals? Go see a show? It’s all up to you.
  3. Alone time comes much more easily: You decide when you want to be around others or just by yourself.


  1. No copilot: It’s nice to have someone navigate through difficult areas. Or just to have someone to share experiences with. It’s tough to remember everything, having someone along can help you recall and share your stories later. Having someone else along might encourage you to try something you normally never would have.
  2. More costly: Your trip will cost less when you split things like hotel rooms and gas.
  3. Less Safe: There’s no denying there is safety in numbers. Watching each others backs can put you at ease and allow for a more relaxed trip.

Should you be traveling solo?

That’s up to you, but in my experience it was worth it.

I was at a place in my life where I was fresh out of college, out a job and not sure of what I wanted to do next. The endless possibilities were daunting to say the least. I needed to get away and have time to think for myself for a while. I found the experience to be quite spiritual. There were times I would get sick of the radio and just turn it off. I had no choice but to think and be alone with those thoughts. I laughed, cried and everything in between.

People travel for all different reasons. Be sure to ask yourself why and plan accordingly to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

The largest benefit of traveling alone is the complete freedom to do as you wish. And the biggest setback is the lack of safety, but if that doesn’t concern you then you have nothing to worry about.

I loved my experience. I hope this list will help you determine if you should take the plunge and go solo!

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