The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

dolce far niente
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Dolce far niente… The sweetness of doing nothing. Being okay with doing nothing is one thing. Enjoying it is another. This is something I would like to work on and I believe minimalism is helping me achieve it.


We could all be more mindful and present in our lives. Enjoying the little things in life that make our moments most precious. Allowing for nothing to be an event that takes place in our lives. In that, it becomes more than nothing.

Doing nothing regularly can be good for us. We can relax and not think about our problems or responsibilities and simply… be.

It does take a great deal of effort and practice to indulge in this way, believe me. You first think that you could be doing something else, anything else. The art is in knowing you deserve a break and not worrying about it.

Take time to simply sit and read a book purely for leisure, create some art or color in a coloring book, eat a snack, take a nap…. Just remind yourself to stay away from technology and over engaging your mind in the outside world (social media, tv, newspapers, etc.). Set work aside and simply live in the sweetness of the moment. Simple.

Remember: simple isn’t easy.

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  1. pruninglife
    July 8, 2016

    I LOVE to do nothing and I think it’s because it does feel so wrong. I’m such a rebel!

  2. Pelin
    July 12, 2016

    Just when I was thinking how minimalism and doing nothing all relate to one another. A nice read 🙂

  3. minimaljonny
    July 17, 2016

    Doing nothing sure is a chore!! Truest thing I’ve heard all day!


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